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Exclusive location

Beautiful Finca in a quiet yet central, exclusive location at the foot of the "Hamburger Hill" between S'Alqueria Blanca and Santanyí on Mallorca, the most beautiful island in the worldsmiley. This location is one of the absolute top locations here on the island (see below)!

In this very desirable living area with many wonderful fincas there is nothing comparable in this price range.

From the house and the garden with irrigation system, many fruit trees and subtropical ornamental plants you have a wonderful view of the nearby monastery and in the wide landscape to Santanyí or to the nearby sea..

The exact location can be found in the protected area (special finca information). Please understand that you will only get access there if you are seriously interested and ask for access using the contact form.

La Casa auténtica

The well-kept property has a total of 6 bright rooms with 4 double doors to access the outside, as well as in the very well-kept outdoor area over a covered sun terrace, a lounge area with barbecue and dining table as well as in the partially with natural stone veneered main house via a small refreshment pool and a mobile outdoor shower.

The finca was completed in 2006 and is registered in cadastre and land registry, was radically modernized in 2012/2013 (double glazing, photovoltaic system, heating system, new pans roofing with 10 cm insulation, partly new electrical and water installations ) and will be taken over completely furnished and with garden equipment.

Interesting layout for relaxed living

The typical, open kitchen with side-by-side fridge-freezer, gas stove with stylish hood, microwave, etc. is converted into a cozy dining area for max. 6-8 people. About 4 steps it goes into the living area with excellent working fireplace, which can provide in addition to the central heating for comforting heat and in a bathroom with sunken, larger bathtub.

Again, on a staggered level, there is a large, sunny bedroom and a smaller room, which currently serves as a study, but can also be used as a guest room, dressing room or nursery. In the Sótano there is another, over 35 sq.m. large space, which is also suitable as a spacious bedroom, guest room or the like, especially since it is by its location and the smaller windows in summer the coolest and warmest in winter.

A floor plan is located in the picture album.

The layout according to notarial escritura in detail:

Living room 34,18 sq.m.
Bedroom I 18,12 sq.m.
Bedroom II/Sótano 35,18 sq.m.
Bedroom III/study   8,00 sq.m.
Kitchen/Comedor 16,00 sq.m.
Bathroom I 7,00 sq.m.
Bathroom II/Supplies 6,70 sq.m.
Technical room 4,80 sq.m.
Covered terrace part 17,30 sq.m.
     Subtotal 147,28 sq.m.
Carport 21,38 sq.m.
Casita 12,56 sq.m.
     Total 181,22 sq.m.

In fact, the 3-vehicle garage is much larger, so the built area is 200 sq.m., as documented in the cadastre and the inventory protection statement.

Badroom II makes it possible to implement individual design wishes. A planning exists and some connections are prepared.

On the back of the building there is a 8 sq.m. tiled roof terrace with views of Santanyí, which can be reached by a ladder.

Lounge, Carport and Casita complete the offer

In addition to the generous multi-purpose carport (for example, for lounge, larger parties and/or 3 vehicles), the finca also includes a large, now fully ivy-covered parrot cage and a natural stone casita.

As a result, an unusually large number of secondary and storage areas, e.g. for bicycles and for garden tools, for tools and supplies or as winter storage for barbecue, decoration and garden furniture available.


Well-kept mediterranean garden for the eyes and the soul

In the garden with irrigation system you will find many flowers, subtropical plants and trees as well as cacti and various almond and carob trees. In addition, each one apricot, lime, fig, pear, olive and pomegranate tree and a grapevine. In the vegetable patch ripen u.a. Radishes, melons, various tomato varieties, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, leeks, brussels sprouts and, of course, various herbs.

Depending on the season, you can choose between shady places in the green (for relaxing in a hammock, for example) or in the sun (for example on a lounger) and enjoy a good meal in the Mediterranean nature.

In addition to the diverse species of birds usually only the bells of the - in the adjacent almond plantation - grazing sheep and occasionally the "Ih-Ah" of a donkey in the wider area.

Modern home technology ensures very low maintenance costs

The finca also impresses with a generously dimensioned photovoltaic system (9.67 kW), which generates the entire electricity for the house electrics as well as for the hot water and for the modern heat pump heating. The excess energy is stored in batteries and removed when needed. In case of emergency, a powerful emergency generator is also available. In the summer months, the heating can be switched to room cooling or the many electricity even enough for the charge of an electric vehicle!

This results u.a. the extremely low maintenance costs for the finca of only about 198,- € mon. for all costs associated with the house, such as Heating, electricity and other energy costs, taxes and insurance, garbage collection, water, PO Box, Internet, etc. (see table in the protected area). With otherwise usual on Mallorca power outages or unannounced shutdowns and constant energy price increases so you have nothing more to do!

A paradise for animals

Far and wide no big roads where our darlings can be run over and lots of scenery to live on, even for birds nesting in the old trees, barbecues that provide us with the so popular evening concert in the south, rabbits crossing the fields and, of course, the horses, sheep and donkeys that sporadically graze on the adjoining areas.

But even if you "have a bird": There is a large, now overgrown with ivy about 20 square meters and 3 m high parrot cage, which can easily be activated for other animals and for "Flocki" or "Bello" even has its own, small house available.

A bigger pool is a must have?

Everything is beautiful only a larger pool is missing and you have no problem with the work involved and the costs? Then I have a few examples of above ground pools that are not expensive. In the protected area you will find the prerequisites for obtaining approval for ground-level or above-ground pools.

Request access to the protected area

Finca Marktstudien

Here are neutral investigations on finca prices in Mallorca

steinbeis-cres Preiskarte Mallorca

Interested parties will find links here:

an article in the "Mallorca Zeitung" "The situation in the real estate market" as

a very interesting, current market study from the Center of Real Estate Studies, borne by Steinbeis Hochschule Berlin and Deutsche Immobilien-Akademie, concerning real estate prices in Mallorca and

a press releases on the same.

Finca Kaufpreis real

Purchase price (via broker *)

650.000,- €

furnished and with garden tools

or make me a serious offer

To contact form

* When buying without broker - only with direct first contact - I can accommodate you more of course.

Finca Daten und Fakten

facts and figures

Stand alone on unpaved road, nearest neighbor about 200 m away,
far away from highways, industrial plants or even sewage treatment plants

Lot size 7.530 sqm according to cadastre,
level south / west location with

Wide view to the sea

Authentic, rustic Finca in high equipment,
largely self-sufficient,
outside and inside partially blinded with natural stones

Living space according to Escritura about 150 sqm + 21 sqm carport + 13 sqm Casita (for distribution see table)

Duly registered in cadastre and land register in 2006,
Completely modernized in 2012/13

Roofing / Insulation: Pan roof (monk / nun) with 10 cm insulation (new 2013)

Large window / door elements,
thus well ventilated, with
Double pane glazing (new 2012)

Electricity via photovoltaic system 9.3 kW (new 2012)
Control via separate technical room (including with washing machine), with

automatic emergency generator

Heat pump heating system
from 2012

Hot water: (200 l storage)
about heating system (new 2019)
with gas spa as backup

Air conditioning: via heating system in cooling mode possible (new 2012)

Water: Direct connection from the Consolacón (very good water quality!)

Sewage: self-cleaning 3-chamber septic tank (does not have to be emptied!)

High chimney: with glass pane and circulating air fans

Internet: fast, stable connection via Conecta Balear (7 MB download / 2 MB upload

Bathroom: with sunken, larger bathtu

Covered sun terrace: with exclusive staircase entrance / entranc

Round pool Ø 1.75 m
for refreshment and relaxation

Multi-purpose carport
for up to 3 vehicles
(2013 new roofing)

Natural stone Casita
for garden tools, furniture and so on
(2013 new roofing)

Large overgrown, former parrot cage

Well-kept Mediterranean garden with irrigation system and many fruit trees and vegetable patch

Sufficient side and storage rooms

Extremely low, maintenance costs of only about 198, - € mon. (see table in the protected area)

furnished and with garden tools -
if desired

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You can reach me at anytime
by e-mail or in case of emergency
+34 693 725 898.


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